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There are sketches that appear suddenly, despite the fact that the foundation for their creation is formed somewhere deep. The "Abstract Animals" series has become just that. The first sketch appeared in 2014. A few years later, I created mini works. And after some more time, I wanted to give them shape. That's how they turned into sculptures. 

Sculpture often carries an aesthetic meaning, and for me it comes to the forefront. The animal symbol represents something wild in each of us, and at the same time something very close to nature. Looking at some of these sculptures, their identification came on its own.

Abstact Animals 1 _2022_ 19x23x6 cm_ 2.jpg

Abstract Animals 1


19x23x6 cm

Abstact Animals 2 _16x21 1.jpg

Abstract Animals 2


16x21,5x6 cm

Please contact for available artworks!

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