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My name is Gayane. I am a Ukrainian artist with Armenian roots based in Kyiv. Life is the most important gift and I want to study it through art. I accept my opinions through nature, which I try to read in order to understand its laws. Nature is a code for me. Also everything that happens in my life I associate with nature.

Simplifying and abstracting, it is possible to observe the laws that surround us, but are not visible at all, for in knowing them, life becomes easier and consciousness clearer.

I have always believed that art was and it is the source, the way, the opportunity to be honest with myself and the world around. Equilibrium is about finding the balance of the image of the world, the world within. Color, shapes and composition are the only criteria of harmony for me. There is an ideal state of the world around - Chaos! And all of this is in the indefinite darkness that you and I reveal every day.

In the Equilibrium series of works, I set out to study the equilibrium state of composition and color, in which each stain is potentially part of a larger system.  This state surrounds us and makes it possible to pay attention and to conclude that, given the fact that even the chaotic elements of a system in mathematics are an ordered quantity, every chaos is an equilibrium. Knowledge of the laws of  mathematics makes it possible to explore such images, which allowed me to arrive at this visual series.

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Equilibrium is the beginning of the study of equivocation and the redevelopment of the idea of chaos in art. Equilibrium is an accident. A statement of the facts of the world around us. Each equilibrium is the balance of the system, the harmony of color, light and composition. 

Each work is a separate world, looking at which you can study, talk about its chaotic nature.

Observing the system around, which organizes that very chaos, I came to a conclusion - the series of artworks, chaotically ordered elements, which create in interaction harmony, equilibrium, that is Equilibrium. For each person, the system of elements can be built according to its internal laws of harmony, but each system will always be an equilibrium, as such a combination of elements exists in nature and bears the name Chaos, initially obeying the laws of exact sciences. 

Gayane Arushanian
Gayane Arushanian
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I was born in Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Armenia). My family had to move to Ukraine in 1992 because of war in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Since childhood I was inspired to create something new. For a long time was working on the project of portraits "Inspire Me If You Can» (2012 – 2015). 

Founder of School of Experimental Art, 2017 (Kyiv, Ukraine) and G-ART STUDIO (Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine). Working on abstract with experiments on shapes and color, using Math and exact sciences.
Based in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, France, Belgium, Poland, Armenia.


2007 – 2013 – Zaporizhzhia State Engineering Academy of Ukraine "Urban construction and design"
2007 – 2012 – Zaporizhzhia State Engineering Academy of Ukraine "Economic Cybernetics"
2002 – 2008 – School of Fine Arts "Wonderful World"


2021 – "Equilibrium" Solo Exhibition, School of Experimental Art. Kyiv, Ukraine.
2018 – Watercolor sketches and sketches from trip to Armenia, Outlook World Culture Festival Exhibition. Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 – Immersion. Lapis Lazuli, Art Gallery “Freud House”. Kyiv, Ukraine
2016 – Immersion. Lapis Lazuli Restaurant-Gallery "Nairi". Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
2015 – Inspire Me If You Can, Restaurant-Gallery "Nairi". Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
2014 – Inspire Me If You Can, Art Restaurant "Unknown Petrovsky". Dnipro, Ukraine
2014 – Inspire Me If You Can, Aurora Mall. Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
2013 – Inspire Me If You Can, Art Restaurant "Carousel". Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine


2023 – “Ukraine Our Home” group exhibition, St.Luke’s Church, Cambridge, GB
2023 – “Prometeusz dla Ukrainy” group exhibition, Warsaw Poland
2022 – “Ukraine Our Home” group exhibition, Nuremberg, Germany
2022 – “Ukraine Our Home” group exhibition, Kraft Art, Munich, Germany
2022 – “Ukraine Our Home” group exhibition, St.John’s College, Oxford, GB
2022 –  "Invisible Costs of War" group exhibition, ARC-Gallery, Chicago, USA
2022 – "The Art of Resistance" Group Exhibition of Ukrainian Artists. Valencia, Spain
2022 – Los Angeles Art Fundraising for Ukraine.  Los Angeles, CA, USA
2022 – Art Fundraising on Poetic Evening. Kyiv, Ukraine
2021 – Abstract artists of Ukraine Group Exhibition, Kyiv Ukraine
2019 – Exhibition of Young Armenian Artists "Pinacoteca". Yerevan, Armenia
2019 –  participant of project “The Shadow of Dream” presented by Open Group at Venice Biennale. Venice, Italy
2017 – II Exhibition of Visual Arts, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. Kyiv, Ukraine
2017 – NewWaveExhibition.  Lviv, Ukraine
2016 – Exhibition "The September Circle", Regional Library Gorky. Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
2016 – "Axis" Group Exhibition of young contemporary artists,  AkT. Kyiv, Ukraine
2016 – Armenian Artists Exhibition «The Color of Pomegranate», Zaporizhzhia Art Museum. Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
2016 – "Pinacoteca", Kharkiv Art Museum. Kharkiv, Ukraine
2016 – Young Armenian Artists Exhibition, Armenian Culture Centre. Odesa, Ukraine
2013 – Art Competition of young artists "Step to Mastery". Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
2012 – Modern Armenian Artist Exhibition "Seven Notes of Spring". Dnipro, Ukraine


2014 –  Member of Youth Association of National Union of Artists of Ukraine;
2014 – 2nd place in the regional competition of young artists "Step to Mastery". Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
2004 –  2007 - Winner of the regional exhibition-competition "Know and love your country" (Kyiv, Ukraine).


2019 - Lusik Aguletsi Foundation. Yerevan, Armenia


2022 - “Our Home Ukraine” Group Exhibition,, Oxford, United Kingdom
2022 – “Ukraine Art Gallery: The Invisible Costs of War”, Chicago, USA.
2022 - The Invisible Costs of War, Chicago, USA.
2022 - Exhibition “Art of Resistance” Spain,, Valencia, Spain,
2022 - Cooperation with artist from Hampstead,, London, United Kingdom
2019 - Exhibition of Young Armenian Artists "Pinacoteca" opened in Yerevan, Kyiv,Ukraine
2018 - Zaporozhye artist Gayane Arushanyan founded the School of Experimental Art in Kyiv. Кyiv, Ukraine
2018 - Life as an experiment, Zaporizhzhia Industrial. Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.
2017 - Freud House invites you to enter the abstract painting by Gayane Arushanyan, ART Ukraine. Kyiv, Ukraine.
2016 - Exhibition of Young Ukrainian Artist Armenian origin, SAMU. Kyiv, Ukraine.  
2016 - Zaporizhzhya hosts first large exhibition of Armenian artists, Industrialka. Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
2016 -  An Exhibition of Armenian Artists opened in Zaporizhzhia to commemorate the victims of the 1988 earthquake, TimesNews. Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.
2016 - Exhibition of Young Ukrainian Artists of Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia News. Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.
2012 - New names continue to be revealed in the Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Industrialka. Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.
2012 - Opening of the exhibition of Armenian artists and sculptors  of Ukraine, AraksDnipro. Dnipro, Ukraine


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